So your meeting is closed due to this pandemic and/or you are Quarantined like many of us. What do you do, how do you get to a meeting? Here are a few options for Members and Homegroup members:

Join a Virtual Meeting

  • SKC Area Virtual Meetings
    Visit our Meetings Page (from the menu) to find local virtual meetings established within our area.
  • Pre-existing / Established Virtual Meetings
    Below you may find established online meetings at the following websites with instructions and schedules to join those meetings. Please note: many of these virtual meetings have been around a long time and have their own homegroup members and trusted servants, and are spread across the country or world. As such, they also may have different meeting styles. As always, we hope all will be respectful when entering other’s homegroup meetings.

Emergent Virtual Meetings (via facebook groups)

There are resources cropping up during this time and information is not fully known or established yet. However, if you are comfortable with facebook groups, you can find local group meetings by searching for the following trending keywords: “Quarantine”, “Quarantined”, “NA”, “Narcotics Anonymous”, “Meeting”, “Online”. Use the following prepared facebook group search links (note: you must be logged in to a facebook account for the search to provide any search results).

Create & Host a Virtual Meeting

Instructions on Creating a Free Virtual Meeting: Many homegroups are temporarily closed due to the latest ban of gathering. If your homegroup is seeking an online alternative method to continue hosting a meeting, please see our Region’s Website, which has posted instructions on creating a Free Virtual Meeting: